Production and Management - Qualification in the context of movement arts

Developing. Professionalizing. Networking.  
Regardless of whether you have been on the market for a long time or you are just starting, PRODUCTION & MANAGEMENT support you in your freelance work in the field of the performing arts. See dates below! Until june 2023 we are offering seminars, workshops and consulting for individuals or small group in the following areas: Funding and applications / Marketing and public relations / Business administration/law / Technical production skills / Organization of your artistic work / Movement Sciences

Take your chance for a free further education with a certificate of your participation, orientation on the cultural market, intensive support by the project team and the lecturers, a dialog with experts, exchanges with other artists, network opportunities... 

For whom:
We are looking forward to participants from the fields of dance, circus, movement theater or art pedagogy: artists, choreographers, dramaturges, dancers, dance & circus pedagogues, performers, production managers, project developers, cultural managers and any others related to these fields who are interested.
Our lecturers bring highly professional and pedagogical experiences. They look forward to exchanging ideas and knowledge with you. You have the questions - our experts have the answers.
The project is designed by Seneca Intensiv in cooperation with the Federal Association for Contemporary Circus.
Project duration: 01/2022 - 06/2023
The offer is free of charge.

The project, "Production and Management - Qualification in the context of dance art" is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Therefor there are no fees for the participation.

Registration is informal at
We also welcome expressions of interest. This will enable us to plan further dates and topics.
If you have any questions, please contact us - by email or phone - we will be happy to advise you!
Seneca Intensiv Studios - Georg-Knorr-Str. 4/ Building 10, 12681 Berlin or at selected locations in Berlin
The topics for the consultings - individually or in small groups - are freely selectable. Send us an email with your questions or needs. No matter if you have questions about your business, the direction of your artistic activity, studies or professional orientation, further qualifications, concepts and projects. We are connecting you with the right experts. The consultations can serve as an open-ended orientation as well as a concrete goal-oriented question. Duration of the consultation: 60 - 120 minutes
In the seminars we emphasize a balance of knowledge input by the experts and a practical orientation with goal-oriented exercises and intensive exchange. In some workshops, we will focus on the practical, while working under the guidance of experts. Here you can reflect and develop your own projects, topics, materials or questions with the help of the expert and the other participants.

NEXT workshops:  

Fr 27.01.23 Let's talk...and listen to each other! Kommunikation in künstlerischen Prozessen / Birte Hendricks / Seneca Intensiv Studios / 9:30 - 15:30 Uhr

infos coming soon

Sa 28.01.23 Research Methods & Organisation in Movement and Performance / Howard Katz / Q-Space / 10 am - 4 pm

This workshop focuses on all of the ingredients one needs to Research for a stage performance. We will discuss how to pick themes that are clear enough to work through, with others.

Our work will take us through a series of research techniques. Starting with our idea and variations that come up through experimentation and ending in documentation.

Choreographer, Performer, Martial Artist and Musician, Howard Katz was born, raised and studied in NYC. He has been teaching and developing dance and performance technique for over 40 years. Howard has choreographed, directed and produced over 50 productions world wide and 9 CDs are circulating from his various music projects. He has been funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Kultur Senate Berlin, Bizirksamt Pankow, Fonds Darstellende Künst and the Jüdisches Museum Berlin.

This workshop is given in English

Waitinglist!!! Mo - Thur 30.01.23 - 02.02.23 // Anatomische & Medizinische Aspekte im Tanz (GER) / Diana Thielen / Seneca Intensiv Studios / jeweils 11:00 - 15:15 Uhr

Tanzmedizinisches Wissen für die eigene künstlerische und tanzpädagogische Arbeit

Sa 04.02.23 Research Methods #2: Turning your research into product / Howard Katz / 10 am - 4 pm

Research Methods #2: Turning your research into product / Howard Katz

Choreographer, Performer, Martial Artist and Musician, Howard Katz was born, raised and studied in NYC. He has been teaching and developing dance and performance technique for over 40 years. Howard has choreographed, directed and produced over 50 productions world wide and 9 CDs are circulating from his various music projects. He has been funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Kultur Senate Berlin, Bizirksamt Pankow, Fonds Darstellende Künst and the Jüdisches Museum Berlin.

This workshop is given in english.

Fr 10.02.23 Instagram for Performing Artists (ENG) / Romina Geppert / Seneca Intensiv Studios / 9.30 am - 15:30 pm

How to develop an account as an performing artist.

What relevant features does Instagram have in store for me? How to use them.

Content-Creation and strategies in effective ways + how to time management.

Brands, images and communication, Target groups, understanding insights, Using external Apps

Possibility to quick-check your accounts.

Sa 11.02.23 Applying for cultural funding - concept & budget (ENG) / Melina Gerstemann / Seneca Intensiv Studios / 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

What do I need to apply for a funding? In this seminar you will get all the information and many tips to organise your description of projects and calculate meaningful from culture producer Melina Gerstemann.

Contents of the seminar are:

  • Understanding funding guidelines

  • Components of an application

  • Concept and project description

  • Budget, cost- and financing plan


Melina Gerstemann has been working as a cultural producer in the independent scene for over 17 years; including Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Showcase Beat Le Mot, Ensemble p&s, Netzwerk Freier Theater / Fonds Darstellende Künste. Strategic and individual advice for artists and projects; interdisciplinary: support with applications, text work, etc.

location: X-Step Berlin, Tempelhofer Ufer 36, 10963 Berlin, backyard top floor

Fr 17.2.22 Lichttechnik und Lichtdesign. Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für die Bühne (GER/ ENG) / Asier Solana / Dock 11 Theater / 09:30 - 15:30 Uhr

"Lichttechnik und Lichtdesign. Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für die Bühne".


  • Grundlagen zur Lichttechnik (Verschiedene Lampen erkennen, Funktionen Dimmer, Funktionen Mischpult und Programmierung)

  • Aufgabe und Funktion von Licht

  • gestalterische Möglichkeiten um Aussage und Dramaturgie der Performance zu unterstützen

  • Lichtpläne erstellen und lesen

  • Grundlagen zur Kommunikation mit Lichttechnikern und Lichtdesignern

Sehr anschaulich vermittelt durch

Asier Solana - Lichtdesigner & Dipl. Veranstaltungstechniker/ Technische Leitung Dock 11

Sprache/Language: deutsch/english

Sa 18.02.23 Professional Perspectives for Artists (GER/ENG) / Andrea Wittwer (ZAV) 10 am - 4 pm

In this seminar Andrea Wittwer will give a comprehensive insight into the professional perspectives in the circus and artistry sector. In addition to potential employers and contractors, the seminar will cover networking, self-employment, security and the state of the cultural market.

> more information to follow

Andrea Wittwer has been working for Künstlerdienst Berlin in the show/artistic sector since 1983. Her work focuses on job placement and networking, and she also acts as a jury for prizes and festivals.

This seminar is given in german language, but we plan to translate individual in english - english speking people are also welcome.

Fr 24.02.23 Wegweiser Förderung - Guide to Funding (GER/ENG) / Josephine Reinisch / Seneca intensiv Studios / 9:30 – 15:30 Uhr

Seeing through the funding jungle! For contemporary dance/circus in Germany with Josephine Reinisch, cultural scientist, expert on funding structures and practical experience in the independent scene 

Overview of the funding policy of contemporary dance/circus in Germany.
Funding instruments: Federal/State/City/District - Foundations - Sponsorship - Residencies.
Example projects and possible funding, content and form
Link list with contact points, funding bodies, tips and tricks


Sa 25.02.23 Die Säulen der Moderne. Laban, Bausch, Forsythe / Norbert Servos / Online / 10 - 14 Uhr

Die Säulen der Moderne. Laban, Bausch, Forsythe -

Zwischen selbstgemachter Erfahrung und umfassendem Wissen: Ein tiefgreifender Einblick in die Arbeit dieser bedeutenden Menschen des Modernen bis Zeitgenössischen Tanzes durch Norbert Servos.

Norbert Servos hat als Publizist nicht nur 30 Jahre mit Pina Bausch zusammen gearbeitet, sondern auch etliche Tanzsachbücher veröffentlicht.

Der studierte Theaterwissenschaftler, Germanist und Philosoph ist außerdem ausgebildeter Tänzer und arbeitet als Dramaturg, Choreograf, Publizist und Schriftsteller sowie als künstlerischer Leiter für Tanzfestivals im internationalen Kontext.

Fr 03.03.23 Key elements of film editing and dramaturgy part I (ENG) / Gosia Gajdemska / Seneca Intensiv Studios / 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Moving Body & Camera - key elements of film editing and dramaturgy part I

During this workshop we will learn about available (free and paid) programs for video and sound processing and, using one selected program, we will practice film editing.

We will start by discussing the rules and differences in the preparation/edition of forms such as trailer, teaser, showreel, artistic dance film.

We will focus on such elements as: recording formats in cameras and file processing in editing programs, selection of recorded material, timeline, internal logic, consistency, image dynamics and basic light correction.

Sa 04.03.23 Key elements of film editing and dramaturgy part II (ENG) / Gosia Gajdemska / Seneca Intensiv Studios / 10 am - 4 pm

Moving Body & Camera - key elements of film editing and dramaturgy part II

During this session we will focus on the dance film and editing - looking at the technical tools also in the context of creating your own visual language, various aesthetic forms and dramaturgy. We will learn about the tools to help translate choreographies into film form. We will also explore color and sound issues more closely, as well as basic copyright/license elements important at the post-production and distribution stage.

So 12.3.23 Bühnenbild - von der Idee zur Umsetzung / Tamara Kanfer / Seneca intensiv Studio / 10am - 4pm

Stage Design - from the Idea to the Realisation (GER/ENG) - Tamara Kanfer

Meaning, role & potentials of a stage design in dance

Development of the stage design through different approaches (collecting inspirations, creating a mood board, budget, possibilities in the space,...)

Exploring space/ places and visually communicating own stage design (as model construction, room drawings, techn. plans,..)

Discuss approaches to research and possibilities for the realisation of the stage design (how much budget, what is available, compilation of possible materials, ...)

Tamara Yael Kanfer - qualified stage designer and artist, works and lives in Vienna and Berlin.

You can bring your own ideas and preliminary designs.

Location: Seneca Intensive Studios

Translated with (free version)

Sa 18.3.23 Data Protection and Copyright Law for Artists / Janett Wunderlich / Seneca intensiv Studios / 10 am - 4 pm

Aspects relevant to performing artists, their websites and other public relations work!

  • Basics of data protection, e.g. data life cycle, deletion, legal basis of processing, etc.
  • Data protection aspects of: websites, cookies, data protection notice/data protection policy & Co, newsletters - e.g. competition law vs. data protection law
  • Data protection aspects and imprint for social media
  • Calculating the legal risk in data protection
  • Helpful resources to keep up to date & research.
  • German copyright law / licensing of photos and other media

The workshop is mixed in GER+ENG, it is possible to ask questions in English and German as it is German law, but also important for non-German speakers.

Janett Wunderlich is herself an artist and, as a commercial lawyer, a specialist in IT and data protection law. Among other things, she works(worked) as legal and privacy counsel for marketing and software companies as well as in the e-commerce sector and as a data protection officer. Janett's passion is to explain (data protection) legal requirements in a tangible way for outsiders and to show practical solutions.

Sa 22.04.23 Be a Jury Member' Project Description Writing workshop (ENG) / Christine Elbel / Seneca intensiv Studios / 10 am - 4 pm

'Be a Jury Member' - Writing a Project Description. Workshop with Christine Elbel

In this workshop, we will take on the role of jury members. We will read and “judge” application and project descriptions through their eyes. The detailed project description is decisive for a positive decision on funding. But how should it be structured? What must it contain? What can be left out? What should not be missing at all?

Please bring current working application with you to be discussed.

Christine Elbel, experienced application writer, will guide your through the workshop.
She accompany your process of the day and help you to fix rules that are easy to grasp for your next application.
Christine Ebel, Dramaturgin, (artistic) producer, author. She worked for e.g. HAU, Maxim Gorki Theater, Schaubude Berlin.

Fr 12.05.23 Target group orFr 12.05.23 Target group oriented Marketing (ENG/GER) / Sandra Elligiers / Seneca Intensiv Studios / 9:30 am - 3:30 pmiented Marketing (ENG/GER) / Sandra Elligiers / Seneca Intensiv Studios / 10 am - 4 pm

Infos will follow



Lightning Design or circus artists // Maximilian Engel

Arbeit-, Recherche, & Dokumentationsmethoden //

Zielgruppenanalyse für Stückentwicklung und Marketing // Katja Kettner


past workshops, maybe again:

Kulturförderung beantragen. Konzept- & Budgeterstellung.(GER) / mit Melina Gerstemann
Lichttechnik&Lichtdesign. Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für die Bühne. (GER) / mit Asier Solana/ Dock11 Art Theater
Mein Förderantrag! (Workshop) / mit Melina Gerstemann
Applying for cultural funding. concept & budget (ENG) / with Melina Gerstemann 
Wegweiser Förderung / mit Josephine Reinisch
The Camera Work an The Art of Projection Making, Mapping, Capturing, Scenography (ENG) /
Dario Jurilli - filmmaker and visual artist
My application! - concept writing & budget (ENG/GER) with Melina Gerstemann
Rigging-Grundlagen & Sicherheit in der Luftartistik, Jana Korb, Künstlerin, Kulturwissenschaftlerin, Narrativer Zirkus im öffentlichen Raum // Q-Space
ESPACE OUVERT and the body Tanz, Circus und Körpertheater im öffentlichem Raum /
mit Pablo Volo
Social Media Kompetenz mit Sarah Tehranian
DANCING LIGHTS / Teo Vlad / Katapult Berlin
Kulturförderung beantragen. Konzept- & Budgeterstellung / Melina Gerstemann
Durch Sprache wirken - Kommunikation in künstlerischen Prozessen / Geraldine Mormin
Von der Förderzusage bis zum Verwendungsnachweis / Melina Gerstemann
Klassische Pressearbeit / Nora Gores
Moving Arts in Photography // Sven Hagolani, Photographer & Visual artist Seneca Intensiv Studios,
Berufsfeld Tanz- & Bewegungspädagogik  - Bereiche, Anforderungen, Perspektiven / Tina Weiler, Dipl. Tanzpädagogin
Dance for Life - Professional Perspectives in Dance / Robert Schulz, Bachelor of Arts ‚Tanz‘ Folkwang Universität, Dramaturg & Projektleiter
Tanzgeschichte im Überblick 1-3 / Lena Kunz - Tanzwissenschaftlerin
Geschichte des Klassischen Tanzes / Dr. Katja Vaghi, promovierte Tanzwissenschaftlerin, Tanzpraktikerin
Tanzgeschichte Jazz- & Musical / Leslie Unger, Darstellerin & Tanzpädagogin, Choreografin mit Schwerpunkt Jazz-Dance
Musikgeschichte und angewandte Musiktheorie/ Moderne und Gegenwart / Musik - Jazz und elektronische Musik / Ulrike Buschendorf
Geschichte & Entwicklung des Zeitgenössischen Tanzes/ Dr. Katja Vaghi
Urban Dance Geschichte / Manu Neubauer, Tänzer & Choreograph
Musik - Moderne und Gegenwart / Ulrike Buschendorf
Betriebswirtschaftliche & Rechtliche Grundlagen für Künstler:innen / Dietmar Zimmer
Musikdramaturgie und digitale Musikbearbeitung / Anja Weber
Urban Dance Geschichte & Aktuelles / Manu Neubauer
Tanz im Text I Tanz beschreiben – Schreibwerkstatt / Lena Kunz
Best friends, hardest critics - Dramaturgie für Tanz / Katja Kettner
Moving Arts in Photography 1+2 (GER/ ENG) / Sven Hagolani
Self-Positioning as an artist / Philip Golle
‚Be a Jury Member' - Projektkonzeptionen schreiben (GER) / Tine Elbel
Moving Body & Moving Camera 1+2 Theoretical introduction, contexts, production & practical exercises, Gosia Gajdemska
Research Methods & Organisation in Movement and Performance / Howard Katz